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About Inward Bound

Jane Fryer is best known for her Inward Bound program that unites yoga with nature for the ultimate life-changing retreat. Small groups travel with Jane and/or another uniquely qualified teacher to gorgeous, natural settings to quiet the mind and transform from within. Pilates, NIA, dance and even surfing are added to make each experience unique.



Jane was first drawn to yoga over 30 years ago. Having studied social psychology and women's issues, she held a steady, strong fascination for understanding cultures and ways in which people respond to one another. She turned to yoga to begin her personal, inward journey, believing that transformed individuals make a transformed world.

Jane's yoga studies began in the '70s with Amrit Desai, an Indian guru, at Kripalu, and continued over the years with instructors of Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Anusara yoga styles.

The inspiration, creation and continuing evolution of Inward Bound has been an outgrowth of her personal and spiritual journey. Jane wanted to provide others with the opportunity and tools to reconnect with and replenish their life source. As she knows from her own personal path, we must create time to get to know and honor our inner selves before we can truly release our potential to the outside world. In 1991, the idea of traveling to an exotic location for a week of refreshingly natural surroundings, fun and rejuvenation appealed to many of Jane's artist, healer and entrepreneur friends; today they and many others are completely hooked.

Jane's expertise, coupled with the openness with which she shares her life experiences, are the gifts she brings to her students. Her understanding of anatomy and the body's energy systems provide both beginning and advanced students with a safe environment to explore, heal and integrate the body and mind. She believes we are a culture hungry to reconnect with its source, as this is precisely the process she experienced when she was first drawn to yoga.

In 1994, Self magazine recognized Jane as one of twelve women who have contributed to women's fitness, as a result of her work with yoga and acupressure to alleviate PMS symptoms. Jane and Inward Bound also have been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times syndicate, Time-Life's The Powers of Healing, Los Angeles Times, Washington Woman, Mademoiselle, New Body, Yoga Journal, Travel & Leisure, and Healing Retreats & Spas.